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for dinner in the countryside

20/07/2018 is born on our small agri-restaurant, located in podere Il Villino, home of Helix Valdera and also of our House. Our cuisine is simple and traditional, that tells ourTuscany, that than once, with influenceand Emilia (both our great-grandmother that some of us are born in Emilia Romagna) which Valtiberina, precisely the area that joins the Tuscany to Umbria and EmiliaPodere il Villino is also our House, of course, and that’s where we’ll host a few guests (max 12 people) forservice, to ensure them the utmost hospitality and attention.

In summer you can enjoy our snacks in farms or dine in the beautiful garden, admiring the view of the sheep who are returning to the fold, in front of the calanchi di Toiano, lulled by the sound of crickets and accompanied by the glitter of fireflies, being able to live a different experience, be a guest “the peasant” and experience the scents and traditions.

In the year will be organised evenings-events with a much larger number of guests. You can book the birthdays, dinners with friends, chiocciolate and much more, to spend a day in the countryside, far from pollution and close to nature.

I nostri taglieri:toscani, di chiocciole, vegetariani e vegani

Our formula (Talgiere + first + main course, water, wine and coffee)

We offer high quality raw materials, we do not use preservatives or colorings and we cook by reservation only. The low price of our offerings is due precisely to the fact that we cook only with reservation, already knowing what they decided to taste our guests, without waste and without, therefore, unnecessary additional costs.

Our proposal consists of selecting one of four trencher available each, between:

-toscano (km0 Iternational, cheese of Caseificio Carroll of cork oak and/or other pastors of the circle Campagna Amica, quiches, casseroles, vegetables etc.)

-Vegetarian (cheeses, vegetables, polenta, quiches, soufflés …)

-Vegan (vegan 100% preparations)

-Signs (different preparations of appetizers of snails, including the canapés, kebabs, snails au gratin …)

How to book?

you must book at least 24 hours in advance, by sending a message on Whastsapp to the phone number (039) 328 049 3657

You must call to book at least 24 hours before and indicate the number of people and your choice.

Example: “we are at 4, and we choose 2 chopping boards vegetarians, a Tan and a whole nuts. First, what is it? … “And once we have shown our choice, make reservations the first or main course of the day, even through Whats App, your time.