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Helix Valdera staff

Helix Valdera consisted of four brothers for nature, for the fresh air and the recovery of ancient traditions. Formed in universities and scientific, classic in 2011 decide to sell the apartment, and bought the Farm House located in that strip of land of “border” that divides the province of Pisa from Florence, bordered by the wine route. In the same year, the idea of opening a breeding of snails in Tuscany, for sympathy towards a shellfish protagonist of boards of grandparents of all Tuscan, important and decisive contribution to family economy protein source-because at no cost- during the time of war or “lean” as they used to say. In 2015 comes finally a desire to create a unique cosmetic line, Burr pulled out from us, without the aid of machines and without coporti the death of small snails.

We after fording around, and we noted with regret that all elicicoltori were already equipped with custom creams from an array only, all the same, same ingredients, same result. We heard about elicicoltori they said to ship the snails in the North to get the drool from machinery, to justify the purchase. Then we decided to have a important contribution, to create the real cream km0 exclusively from our snails, and the only one in the entire province of Pisa to be sold out of the hands of those who created it. Many innovations lie ahead, on a long trip that, if you wish, we can go together.