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Snails in Tuscany, in that part of Tuscany that combines two provinces, Pisa to Florence, where the streets know wine, where the hills are covered by lush rows of cypress trees, where wheat covers the sunny fields; Here, among these wonders we’re with our company and with our snails. That’s why we changed our logo, we have combined the depiction of where we live who we are; the four cypress trees represent us, the four siblings (three sisters and a brother to the truth), close to the Sun that we love so much to have installed a Photovoltaics in order to “work” together; over those fields where we are protagonists, near the horizon line that separates us from the past and directs us toward our future.

Your satisfaction is our success, Word of mouth, our marketing!

Oh yes, because so are we doing know with a constant buzz, thanks to the satisfaction of the customers who see in them a small gastronomic reality, traceable, Valdera visible and known. Enjoy a product of the land in which you live, or again, in Tuscany that you love, is priceless. In a period where the Italian spirit is all too copied and defrauded, we are the genuine example of teamwork, of three sisters and a brother who bet all themselves in Helix Valdera.

This and much more is hidden behind a bag of snails, behind it, we are there for you.Ultimate strength is the ecological factor: we have installed a photovoltaic system that gives us energy, we created the cosmetics line by replacing the plastic where possible with glass and using paper from responsibly managed forests. We waxed our first cosmetic without ever leaving the region; in just 80 km, to avoid unnecessary fuel emissions.

Helix Valdera staff

We are what we do. It seems trivial, but it is not at all. Our company is strongly characterized by how he works and what works. We breed snails and chickens while respecting the animal from birth to its sale; We strongly believe that being carnivores cannot and should not be inferred from be respectful of the animal which we feed. It is a principle taught by our grandfather (farmer) to our father, and from him to us. That’s why we invented the Burr collection method at sign passive, a method created to respect the clam always obtain an excellent product and ethical manner. 

We believe, moreover, that a production “ethics” is better, and actually we are having one hoped but unexpected feedback from customers.

Another distinctive feature that characterizes us is the devise as a friend and collaborator: a friend to whom he likes to listen to and share the passion we have for agriculture; a contributor because, by purchasing, contributes to the existence of culinary excellence and honest reality like ours.